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Karene & Lorenzo’s Cortanze Castle Wedding | Italian Destination Wedding

I’m based in Cambridge, but I travel throughout the UK and even abroad to shoot weddings. Last year, I had the privilege of photographing a truly special wedding a long way from Cambridge. I travelled to Cortanze Castle near Turin in Italy to capture the joy of Karene and Lorenzo.

It’s always a joy to share in a couple’s happiness on their special day, whether it’s an exotic destination wedding or a local ceremony in Cambridge. Karene and Lorenzo’s wedding was just filled with happiness and laughter, and this really comes across in the photos I was able to take. I am genuinely grateful that they gave me the chance to be their wedding photographer.

Documentary Style

Karene and Lorenzo knew exactly what they wanted. They wanted a wedding photographer who could capture their day in a completely documentary style. I started at the ceremony and went on late into the evening, and in all that time I only took one or two photos that were even remotely posed. The rest were all natural, and this documentary style proved perfect for capturing the essence of their special day.

It is with truly special and happy weddings such as Karene and Lorenzo’s that the documentary style really comes into its own. Looking at the pictures, you can see that nobody is simply smiling on queue or getting tired of playing up to the camera. Every grin is completely genuine, and speaks of the infectious joy that was felt by the happy couple, their families and their guests.

Wonderful Shots

The documentary style worked particularly when it came to capturing the couple themselves. Obviously there is nothing wrong with posed photographs and a good wedding photographer can create wonderful shots through careful planning and organisation. But the documentary style game me the chance to capture all those little loving looks and gestures that the couple gave one another throughout the day, and that’s one thing that posed photographs just can’t do.

Of course, the other advantage of taking unposed photographs is that it enables your wedding photographer to capture what the day is really like. Years down the line, standing around to be photographed won’t be what you remember most about your wedding. Your most treasured memories will be celebrating with your partner and smiling with your family and guests, and this is what documentary photographs let you look back upon.


I was very glad to have the chance to travel from Cambridge to Italy and capture this very special day in such a wonderful, natural style. I also think the fact that Karene and Lorenzo choose a wedding photographer from Cambridge instead of Turin helped to make sure they got the best results. It meant I was able to get to know them beforehand just as I would any other couple, and this is an important factor in making sure your wedding photographer can get to know you as a couple and capture all that is unique about your special day.


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