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Radhika and Jai’s Portrait Session in the Cambridge Botanic Gardens

Radhika and Jai approached me looking for an engagement photographer in Cambridge. Interestingly, though, Radhika and Jai weren’t engaged. They just wanted someone to take some high-quality photographs of them as a couple, in and around the city. And, as the pictures show, they made my job easy. They were relaxed and playful throughout the whole shoot so I didn’t need to give them much direction. We just walked around Cambridge trying different things and having fun.


Quaint Lanes around the Cambridge Colleges


Near the river Cam there’s a network of picturesque little alleyways linking the colleges together. These are closed to everyone but pedestrians and cyclists and are narrower than, for instance, King’s Parade which makes them quiet enough to take plenty of photos without interruption. The bikes dotted along the sides make excellent mise-en-scene and help remind the viewer of the uniqueness of the location. Then there are the colleges themselves. We used one of the ancient, oak doors to of King’s College to frame some of our shots and were very pleased with the effect. All in all, this is an excellent location for an engagement photographer in Cambridge to use.


Autumn Colour in the Cambridge Botanic Garden


Another excellent location for engagement photography in Cambridge is the Cambridge Botanic Garden. It was the perfect time of year to capture the earthy colours of autumn as well as to play around with the fallen leaves. The garden is also great in spring, however, when many of the carefully cultivated flowers begin to bloom. Other features that make great photographs include the fountains and a small lake with an island in the middle. These photographs were complemented by a couple of casual snaps of the couple drinking coffee at the Botanic Gardens café to add a cozy, wintry feel.


The Banks of the River Cam


The river Cam has a public footpath all the way from Cambridge out into the Fens going North that gives the opportunity for plenty of photographs in various different types of landscapes. This time, I chose to place the couple under an enormous weeping willow where they cuddled romantically. As I am able to turn these images around in just a few weeks, these lovely photos were ready for Radhika and Jai to send out at Christmas whether as part of a custom Christmas card or in an album for family members.



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