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Sarah and Ewan’s Norfolk Wedding

I recently shot some photographs for the wonderful wedding of Sarah and Ewan, and they kindly let me know how pleased they were with my work. You can view their testimonial by clicking here. This wasn’t the first time the couple appeared in front of my lens, because the wedding was the second half of the package they originally purchased. For the first half I had the pleasure of shooting some photos to commemorate their engagement.

Engagement Photography

Their wedding photos were partly designed to complement the earlier engagement images, which aimed to capture the real essence of the couple as they went about their lives. This was achieved through a mixture of posed and reportage style photos, designed not to show an artificial, choreographed version of their relationship but the way the couple live their life together to remember in years to come.

Wedding Photography

A similar approach was called for this time as I delivered the second part of the package by acting as their wedding photographer in Norfolk, where their wonderful ceremony and reception were being held. However, on this occasion I was tasked with capturing not just the couple but their families and friends, because the guests play a huge role in making a wedding special. Once again, making things natural and real was the order of the day. From preparation for the ceremony to the final stages of the reception, my job was to capture fun, documentary style photographs that showed the day as it really happened rather than a posed, artificial version of it.

I applied my talents to coming up with original and interesting ways to shoot the day, and I’m glad Sarah and Ewan were pleased with the results. But as any wedding photographer can tell you, the couple themselves have the potential to be a big help when you are taking documentary style photographs. Sarah and Ewan helped me more than they might have realised, just by being such a genuine and loving couple. In every shot, it is clear that no posing is necessary. The genuine, deep love they hold for one another shines through naturally in a way that no deliberate pose could imitate.

Wonderful Occasion

In the same way, their love and their hard work planning made the wedding a truly special and wonderful occasion. When I was shooting their family and friends, it was clear at every moment that they were having a good time and appreciating the beauty of the occasion. Just like the love between the happy couple, this shone through in every shot and helped create a set of photos that make you really appreciate the joy that was in the air on that wonderful day.


I wish Sarah and Ewan a long, happy marriage and I am proud to have been responsible for capturing their wedding day.


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