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Everybody loves receiving gifts and we all like giving gifts as well, especially when they are a token of our appreciation for the ones we have in our lives standing by our side no matter what: our parents. Perhaps, some of the most touching presents one could offer are those that can withstand time and capture moments of complete happiness, starring those that we cherish the most. The Mold family seem to know that well, considering that they wanted to make large prints from family photos to gift them to the happy grandparents. And so we did. The result? We will just let the pictures speak for us!


A Wedding Photographer in Cambridge Also Taking Fantastic Family Photos?

Jason, Natasha, and their two lovely children Katherine and Oliver are what you can call family people. They absolutely adore one another and love the grandparents beyond imaginable. Of course, their idea to have me take some family photos to send to their elder family members was greeted with great enthusiasm. It is always so exhilarating to do something different, other than Cambridge wedding photography (not that I can complain!). I just live for the challenge, no matter where it comes from!


Family Sessions: The Ideal Setting & Background Each and Every Time

It was Autumn 2014, and the weather was still holding on quite well. The falling leaves had created the world’s most exquisite blanket; a perfect setting indeed for a family session. We used the photogenic Priory in Thetford, UK as our host for the day and took some great photos everybody in the Mold family loved. The ancient ruined burial site of the dukes and earls of Norfolk for more than 400 years was the perfect place to be for the purpose we wanted it, as it infused inspiration and creativity through its peaceful surrounding scenery and the beautifully maintained grounds.


A Journey in Time, A Fantastic Session

We took a trip back in history for a while and seemed that time stopped at eras where romantic souls were looking for their other half to reunite on this Earth. Jason and Natasha quickly got into the spirit, which allowed us to take some fabulous photos of the two of them looking eye-to-eye with

love and affection under the arched flint-stone gate while their children were enjoying the beautiful day and winking at the camera when caught playing games or showering under the sun. The apogee of the day was when they all shared their biggest smiles for the full-family photos!


After a long and exciting day, I am pretty sure the lucky grandparents will have some fine pieces decorating their wall from now on; something the can look at and always feel like having those that mean the world to them close.


At the end of the day, all that matters for a photographer, be it a wedding photographer Cambridge or any other, is to have made people happy with their work. To have contributed to creating something that has a particular significance to some people. To have captivated the moment and made it live forever…


Don’t let time fly and give your loved ones a precious gift they can hold on to for the rest of their life…


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