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Unforgettable Moments at a Christening

Being christened is a chance to dedicate a child for the future. It is also about joy, hope, forgiveness and love and in building a community of care and love for the entire world. Christening is the perfect way for a small man to begin his journey into the world in the company of friends and family. It is the reason family, friends and loving people congregate to celebrate such a wonderful occasion, something that was so clear in Jacobs’s time at the Christening.

Something Different

There is no doubt as a wedding photographer Cambridge specialist I’ve had a share of great moments behind the camera in elaborate weddings as two lovebirds come together. From the colours, the happiness and joy in the air, the gorgeous outfits, the long white gown, perfectly fitting suits and smiles to go with it everything is memorable. As such, a prized moment in the life of people falls into place and suspended in time by clear, beautiful and striking photographs.

However, apart from practicing Cambridge wedding photography I had a chance of attending Jacob’s christening and I was called to capture the memorable unforgettable moments; I do all kinds of portrait photography and not just wedding photos. The church was very incredible and more than a thousand words could be used to describe it. Beyond the building, the ceremony was also a loving and impressive affair and one to stick around until it was done.

The Christening

Being smothered in some oil and being plunged in a bath might not have been Jacob’s idea of a wonderful day as beautiful faces with smiling exquisiteness stood around him to witness his colourful christening but every little detail was carried out to perfection. So many hands wanted to hold him during the photo shoot, something that brought a smile and radiance on his face and an unusual awe into his eyes, face and demeanour.

I really like it when called upon to do something wholly different for special people since I do not just do wedding photography Cambridge photo shoots. This was especially special because the christening photos were immense and natural with family and friends in attractive outfits, happy smiles and sincere appreciation, particularly the way the photos that had family and friends holding the little handsome.

A Wonderful Occasion

The happy and joyfully faces told a story of love and pious care and belief, perhaps that Lucy and Jacob may enjoy a successful, long life with the God the baby has been dedicated to taking care of them every step of the way. Not many people really care about christening, but these elegant and neat photos, colourful and in black and white succinctly depict a pious hope for the little man and the beautiful human beings who arrived to see him dedicated before the Lord for his own sake and his reliable guardian to an extent.

A great day it indeed was and apart from the many wedding photographer in Cambridge photo shoots I have attended before, the moments captured in my camera at the christening of Jacob are some of the most tender, loving, clean and memorable and without a doubt treasured.


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