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Emily + Andrew Engagement | Milton Keynes Wedding Photographer

The pre-wedding shoot is an excellent way for both me and the couple to get to know each other better before the big day. This is the time where we have fun and talk through the wedding plans. The best thing about pre-wedding photo sessions is that I get to experience the newlyweds to be as a couple – who is playful, cheeky or reserved – and the excited couple gets the chance to see a professional photographer with experience in wedding photography taking their photos and feel how I work. The result is always magical, and we all leave the location feeling confident and reassured.

Introducing Emily & Andrew

This is exactly what happened to the lovely Emily + Andrew and me. We chose Eversholt Hall in Milton Keynes for the pre-wedding shoot. I must admit that I was so looking forward to their wedding. They were probably the happiest and merriest people I’ve had the pleasure to photograph! We met at the Hall, tried out some stuff for the wedding day, and took advantage of the warm light of the day that made everything look so romantic and bright. They were totally relaxed, and it shows in every single pose.

Spontaneous Moments

I am not a fan of conventional photos and the same old stuff I see over and over again all across the internet by so-called experienced photographers. If you are an engagement photographer in Bedford, you have to think outside the box and be willing to go beyond your comfort zone to get a stunning result (see how I played with light, silhouettes, natural environment, contrasts, etc. to get an idea).

For that reason, I captured some spontaneous moments of theirs, as they were talking to one another, holding hands on a slide or kissing under the watchful eye of the tall trees and lush surroundings. The end of the day found us thrilled with the result and pleased that we shared a special moment just before the grand event!

Inspiring Photos

For fresh, creative, and inspiring photos, you have to be extra careful when selecting an engagement photographer. Milton Keynes has quite a few, but only a handful produce exceptional, high-quality, out-of-this-world work. I am rapt to be one of them! Thanks for trusting me with capturing your most special days and making them last into eternity!

To book a photo session and live an exhilarating experience, don’t hesitate to contact me!