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Sarah & Ewan’s Engagement Part 1

Although on paper I’m a wedding photographer, I’m also happy when I get the chance to shoot engagements. This takes all the same skills I use as a wedding photographer – the ability to capture the essence of a couple and their relationship in a treasured memento for the future. This was the first of two engagement sessions with Ewan and Sarah. The second was done shortly before their big day (which will be up on the blog soon).

The Proposal

Sarah and Ewan live in Ely, and they both work in the beautiful city of Cambridge where I also happen to be based. But it was a more exotic location that served as a backdrop for Ewan’s proposal. It happened during a trip to Halong Bay in Vietnam where they stayed on a small private island. Ewan had already planned to propose on the trip, but he got an unwitting helping hand when a tour guide thought they were already married. That night on the balcony, the two sat looking out over the ocean and Sarah brought up what the tour guide said. She started talking about marriage, but she never expected Ewan to propose at that very moment.

Reportage Photography

Couples like Ewan and Sarah make my job as a wedding photographer’s much easier. They clearly mean the world to each other, and this comes across in every one of the photos. This shoot involved a mixture of posed and documentary style photos, but even the posed photos look very natural. In a way, they look almost like they are just documentary photos shot at a particularly perfect moment, because the couple are always at ease in each other’s company and their affection never seems fake or forced. While it will always take a skilled wedding photographer to make a truly special image, whether posed or documentary style, but some couples make that job so much easier without even trying.

Engagement Sessions

I also think the couple made a good decision in booking some engagement sessions. It may seem natural to save a wedding photographer for the actual wedding day, but as wonderful as that day is it won’t be the only thing you remember in years to come. The engagement – when you are brimming over with love and excitement – and the joy of wedding planning will also form treasured memories. It will also be nice to remember not just that one, wonderful day but the everyday life of your relationship. Sarah and Ewan’s photos show them enjoying their favourite day-to-day activities such as visiting the pub or walking by the river. Obviously photos of the wedding day are invaluable, but when you celebrate far-off anniversaries you will probably get just as much joy from remembering what life was like in the early days of your love.


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