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Shona and Findlay’s Wedding | Jesus College Cambridge

One of the joys of wedding photography is getting to not only share in a couple’s special day, but visit the beautiful venues they have chosen to serve as a backdrop. I suppose in this sense I’m lucky to work where I do. There are some truly beautiful wedding venues in Cambridge that lend themselves wonderfully to wedding photography. This is perfectly illustrated by the wedding of Shona and Findlay, which I had the joy of shooting at Jesus College.

Wonderful Wedding Venue

Many of the most wonderful wedding venues in Cambridge owe their beauty to historic architecture. As part of the ancient and world-famous Cambridge University, Jesus College is over 500 years old and some of its buildings are even older. Parts of it date back to the twelfth century, and it is impressively old as well as beautifully made. As Shona and Findlay’s marriage will no doubt be long and wonderful, this made it an especially perfect backdrop.

Posed & Natural Photography

The couple opted for a mixture of posed photographs and natural, documentary-style images. This was a boon for me as a photographer, because it meant I got to exercise the full breadth of my wedding photography skills. More importantly, it was the perfect choice for the couple and an ideal fit with the venue. The posed photographs gave me plenty of opportunity to capture the beauty of the venue and relate it to their wedding. This allowed me to take an artistic approach to wedding photography, making use of features like the ancient stonework and the way light from the huge gothic windows caught the brilliant white of the bride’s outfit.

Artistic Wedding Photography

At the same time, the more natural approach of the documentary photographs captured the real essence of the day and the way people were feeling. While the posed photographs were unique and I am very proud of them, if they had made up the whole collection they may have looked artificial and excessively planned. Mixing them with more natural documentary photos has given the couple the best of both worlds. They have artistic wedding photography that shows their day in the kind of beautiful way that only comes with deliberate planning, but they also images that will remind them of the real experience of their wedding day and the genuine smiles on everyone’s face.

Historic Backdrop

My work as a wedding photographer has taken me to all kinds of beautiful places, in the UK and abroad. But as the wedding of Shona and Findlay shows, some of the most spectacular wedding venues are right here in Cambridge. Jesus college was a beautiful backdrop for a truly special day, and I am grateful to have had the chance to produce photos that will help them to remember that through the years.