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Joyce and Christophe Chinese Wedding Photographer Cambridge


Wedding photo shoots are always a lot of fun, especially if the weather plays nice as it did for Joyce & Christophe’s (Chinese Wedding Photographer Cambridge) recently. I was honoured, and extremely proud to be asked to be a part of their special day by being asked, for the first time to be the photographer for a Chinese wedding.


I was even allowed ‘backstage’, as it were, to snap some great candid photographs which really capture the mood and excitement of the big day.


That’s not to say that there is no room for staged shots, because there is and always will be. The trick is in finding the right Chinese wedding photographer Cambridge.


A Little Preparation


One of the great things about being allowed free and full access at a Chinese wedding, or any other is the opportunity to get some candid photo’s of not just the couple, but of their friends and family. Here we see the ladies getting their makeup applied, gracefully allowing their engagement photographer to capture the private moment as they get ready for the wedding ceremony.


Natural Beauty


As you will be able to see, the bride-to-be requires only minimal adornments – the pearl earrings and necklace serving to enhance the natural beauty already there.


Candid Camera


Some of these shots are clearly staged, or posed for if you prefer, but the look of happiness on Joyce’s face is as unmistakable as it is impossible to ‘stage’ – this is it for her; her nirvana.


The candid shots are even more revealing, and every bit as lovely.


Nerves of Steel


Many brides feel the tingle of nerves when the wedding dress goes on, but if Joyce felt any she certainly did not let them show; how radiant does she look holding the bouquet?


St. James Church

This elegant church was the location of the inevitable – the wedding itself. The interior is, as you can see, very photogenic itself – the light just loves this place! If there is anything that any Chinese wedding photographer in Cambridge loves, it’s lighting!

Little Angels


I don’t think it is possible for children to look like anything other than angels when photographed at a wedding, and these smiling, delightful children were certainly no exception!


Roasting the Hog


Following a perfect ceremony, what could be better than a perfect feast? A beautifully golden roast hog is the centrepiece of a large buffet banquet, that itself turned out to be a camera pleaser!


Batter Up!


The traditional bouquet tossing is a staple of any wedding, and a Chinese wedding photographer Cambridge is certainly no different and this wedding photographer was delighted to capture the moment. In the background, we can see the hopeful ladies waiting to catch the bouquet, to see who will be next down the aisle.


The Classic Portrait


Lone shots are just as important as couple or group photo’s, especially when the groom is the subject; it is sometimes very easy to forget that it is his special day too! Black & white photographs will never go out of style, and they lend a certain elegance to almost any scene.



Dining at the Hilton


A private dining setting at a luxurious hotel is the perfect topping on a magical day, with everything about the hotel being ‘just so’, Joyce & Christophe clearly made the right choice in venue for their wedding reception.


Good Enough to Eat


The delicious food served for the reception looks like little works of art, showing the care and attention that goes into every single dish – nothing has been left to chance, and everything looks amazing!


Tickling the Ivories


Joyce shows off her skills by treating her delighted guests to a tune on the hotel piano.


All in all, it was a great photo shoot and a total pleasure working with Joyce and Christophe, helping to make sure that their special day will never be forgotten – least of all by them, and obviously proud parents.


Being a Chinese wedding photographer certainly has it’s high points and this was, without a doubt, one of them!




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Sandringham Forest | Wedding Photography Cambridge

Sarah and Ewan’s Engagement Part 2

This is the story of Sarah and Ewan’s second engagement shoot, that took place shortly before their special wedding day.

Engagement Story

The story behind a proposal is generally always recounted with memories, but perhaps none more so than when it seems that fate played a helping hand in popping the biggest, most life changing question one will ever ask. You can read more about Sarah and Ewan’s engagement story in my blog post about the their first engagement shoot.

Pre-Wedding Story

There are many parallels between engagement shoots and the photographing of the actual wedding. In Sarah and Ewan’s first engagement shoot I captured the couple in the historical town of Ely, which provided a natural and personal setting, and having undertaken this shoot I’d already firmly established the ways in which I could capture the connection between the couple in a series of photos; which, being so naturally comfortable and affectionate with one another proved to be.

Having also been commissioned as Sarah and Ewan’s wedding photographer, this second engagement shoot was also intended as a preparation for the upcoming day. Despite this however the day also of course creates memories in itself and, as can be seen from the single photo that you see at the top of this blog, these memories are of both excitement and unconditional love.

The Engagement Shoot

The session took place in Norfolk, which is a region of both outstanding natural beauty and beautiful landscapes that range from picturesque beaches to enchanting woodlands. This then seemed like both an appropriate setting that was personal to Sarah and Ewan, as well as a setting that was full of possibilities.

As a wedding photographer based in Cambridge I travelled down to meet the couple in Ingoldisthorpe. It is an area that I frequently shoot and one that I particularly love.

For this particular shoot the couple initially chose Snettisham Beach. Where we captured key photos with the sand and sea as a backdrop. Then it was on to Sandringham Forest. It was this setting that really provided the possibilities for Sarah and Ewan to demonstrate who they are as a couple. From this location I could capture their fun and affectionate interactions that then contrasted against beautifully natural and imposing backdrops.

Blur the Lines

As a wedding photographer it’s my job to be as enthusiastic and immersed within the day as the happy couple that I’m photographing. For this reason I love to undertake an engagement shoot prior to the big day as it allows me to understand just what it is that defines a couple and how I can best capture this. A key part of this is exploring whether a couple naturally lend themselves to either posed or documentary style photos. In this regard Sarah and Ewan are the perfect example of a couple who blur the lines between posed photos and documentary style photos, although not all couples benefit from being as nerve free in front of the camera.

To this end an engagement shoot can help potentially nervous couples relax, ensuring that they get the most of their moments that are being memorialised through my camera lens.

Wedding Photography

Having had a passion for photography since an early age I bring both experience and a genuine love for photography to each and every photo that I take and every couple that I capture.

If you’re thinking about who you are to entrust with capturing your special day, or whether you could benefit from a beautiful keep sake of your pre matrimonial lives, feel free to contact me.

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