Anant and Aarav’s birthday

Working as a wedding photographer in Cambridge, it is nice to sometimes be asked to do something a little different. Before the wedding season kicks in, I was asked to photograph Anant and his son Aarav’s joint birthday party in London.

The Party

The party was to celebrate Anant’s 40th birthday as well as Aarav’s first birthday. It was a wonderfully personal party with both of the birthday boys closest friends and family all gathering to celebrate with them. With guests arriving all throughout the party, I had plenty of opportunities to snap everyone enjoying themselves and catching up with each other. The children seemed to enjoy themselves, all playing together while the adults chatted and laughed and made the most of the day.

The Venue

The celebrations were held at Chor Bizarre, 16 Albemarle St, London, which is one of the family’s favourite restaurants. They decided upon a Big Top theme for their party, as Aarav loves the circus. The restaurant was brightly decorated with balloons and paper lanterns and little Aarav’s birthday cake was shaped just like a big top circus tent. The restaurant served up aromatic and delicious curry for the party guests to tuck into, which went down a treat. The place seemed fit to burst with all of Anant and Aarav’s friends inside, but everyone was comfortably seated for the meal and a wonderful time was had by all.


Everyone gathered around to watch Anant blow out his birthday candles. He had to blow out Aarav’s too as Aarav had gone a little shy. Aarav’s brother sampled the cake to make sure it was a yummy as it looked before it was given out to any of the guests. With all the family together, I was able to take some beautiful group photos for the family to treasure. There were also some little props lying around for the guests to pick up and have some fun snaps taken. The lips and moustache were a big hit! With all the children partied out and the grown-ups tired and full of wonderful food it was time to say goodbye.

Wedding photography in Cambridge is varied and fun work. But it is nice to have the opportunity to photograph something a little different from time to time. I was privileged to be a part of Anant and Aarav’s party and be able to capture stunning photos for the family to look back on for years to come.