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The Surprise Birthday Party

Everybody likes a surprise, even those that say that they don’t, and surprise birthday parties are among the best kinds that one can have. These shots are from one such party, a surprise orchestrated by Deepak and Poonam for their mother, Neelam on her 50th birthday.

As a professional wedding photographer in Cambridge, I was surprised to be asked along to photograph the event – but what a welcome surprise it was, as well as a great idea! Memories are very important for any special event, but more so for such a wonderful surprise, and what better way to capture the joy and surprise of all those involved, than a set of photographs?

The Birthday Girl

The warmth and happiness on Neelam’s face is clear for everyone to see, as is the genuine delight and surprise. I don’t think she will be forgetting this day any time soon, do you? These photographs will serve to enhance those memories, and make them really come alive for many years to come – that is the magic of photography; being able to preserve memories, forever, so that they may be enjoyed and lived again at any time you choose.


Would really be a birthday party without party poppers? It isn’t just the younger party goers that can enjoy a little frivolity, after all – adults have to have some fun too!

Events like this are great for a Cambridge wedding photographer – they provide a chance to photograph people in more natural, and fun filled setting to get some wonderful candid shots.

All the colours of the rainbow

A lot of the time, it is not just the subject that makes the photograph – colour plays an important role too. The warmth radiating from this surprise party was almost palpable, and the colours on display within the photographs are set off beautifully by the smiling, happy faces of all of the guests.

Everything, right down to the gorgeous looking birthday cake, looked positively vibrant.

Never ask a girls age…

While this is certainly true, if you value your peace, I don’t think Neelam would mind everyone knowing in this case.

The vibrant orange trim of the birthday cake is nothing short of stunning, even if it does contain a spoiler, and Neelam looks delighted with it as she blows out the candles.

Proud son & daughter

Deepak & Poonam have every right to look proud, both of their lovely mother and the surprise party that they so thoughtfully arranged for her.

A perfect evening for a lovely gesture. You can see, just by looking out at the sea of smiling faces, that everybody had a good time celebrating and dancing with Neelam.

A lovely location

Monsoon Banqueting Suites in Hayes was ideal for the party, with lots of room for the tables and space left over for guests to mingle and chat – and with a bar at the rear of the room, there was plenty of opportunity for some lovely shots of the guests, as you can see.

Although I am a wedding photographer in Cambridge, I am not restricted to this that area or even event type. Being a professional, I travel all over the UK and nothing pleases me more than to be given a chance to stretch my creative muscles. This means I am able to shoot more than just weddings and birthdays, and it is actually very nice when I’m asked to do something a little different in terms of portrait photography.


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