Welcome to the online home of Lightscape Wedding Photography. My name is Ash and I am the founder and photographer; I  want to personally thank you for visiting today. When you need a natural reportage wedding photographer in  Cambridge, please contact Lightscape Photography, you’ll be glad you did!


    My background in photography takes me all the way back to my childhood; I could often be found taking snapshots everywhere I went, it was my passion even from this very young age. For the most part, my passion for photography was a hobby and even though I made a good income from it during my travels through South America, I had never considered it a career. Until……….


    ………my passion for photography was called upon by a friend in need of a wedding photographer. That was the beginning, albeit humble, of Lightscape Photography. I realized my dream of becoming a truly dedicated photographer. Capturing those special moments that people are able to cherish for the rest of their lives and in future generations of their family. By being unobtrusive and offering myself as the most knowledgeable and experienced natural reportage wedding photographer Cambridge has ever seen, I am able to capture the clients in a more natural state and provide higher quality images for their wedding portfolios.


    When you look back on your wedding, do you want to see it the way it truly was or would you rather try to remember those missed moments that are now gone? A professional wedding photographer has the experience and talent to capture those moments in time and enable you to look back on them and to see your wedding unfold all over again right before your very eyes. I feel that choosing a professional photographer with professional grade equipment makes all of the difference in the world on your special day.

  • WHY ME?

    Not only do you want a wedding photographer with the experience and dedication to get the job done, you also want them to be friendly, personable and have a quiet composure about them allowing you and your guests to enjoy the moment while your photographer moves unnoticed through the crowd. That is the level of service I believe in and that is what I provide my clients with every shoot.


    My home is in Cambridge, but photography has taken me all over the world. I’ve been out as far as Iceland and Italy for weddings. Come on lets talk! Use the contact form to get in touch or call on +44 (0) 1223 911092.