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A retrospect of 2014: An Amazing Year!

Happy New Year all! This has been an incredible year, and it is so nice to feel I have contributed to a couple’s most ecstatic moment, even by little! 2014 was a tough year for many people, but despite the hardships and disturbances in the global political and economic sector, many people decided they wanted to join their lives and promise eternal love and companionship. What a promising generation!

Cambridge Wedding Photography at its Best!

Last year, Cambridge was consumed with fabulous couples posing and laughing their hearts out during their engagement and wedding photo session! Of course, Cambridge is the ideal place to seal a love and boost romance, with its wonderful architecture and the overall sensation. The gorgeous riverside gardens and parks, the lovely ancient monuments, and the magnificent buildings comprised the perfect scenery for a diverse and unique wedding shoot. With photos full of freshness and angles that create a warm and welcoming feeling, while capturing the moment and embracing it with the most vibrant colors (or the domination of black & white for timeless and classic artistic statement!), one thing is for sure: there is nothing dull and customary in the way we depict your most significant day!

To prove my point, just look at these dreamy wedding photos and have a taste of the relaxed, and creative ways these happy couples’ special day was imprinted!

Photo Gallery: (Some of) Our Favourite 2014 Cambridge Wedding Images!

Wedding Photographer: Cambridge

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Cambridge full of ideas and creativity, your search is over. I do not only have a mind that bears creative photo shoot ideas and the expertise to shoot professional and high quality images. I live the moment with you, which allows me to be even more artistic when it comes to engagement and wedding photo shoots.

I am so much looking forward to all the weddingσ in 2015 and those of you that have decided to take that major step and start a new, happy, full of love page with your other half, so feel free to ring my bell anytime!

Wishes for a mind-blowing, colorful, and heart-stopping 2015 with blue skies and lots of smiles! Of course, accompanied by long-lasting images to remind you of all the beautiful moments you have lived!


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